A Taste Of Jamaica In Your Backyard


You love Jamaican food. We love Jamaican food. Let's get together to enjoy the best meal in town.


An experienced team of employees producing authentic Jamaican food with the finest ingredients to satisfy the customers' cravings with a taste of Jamaica. We look forward to serving a diverse community, who are Cravin' authentic home cooked Jamaican flavors. - Peter Murdock, Owner


This place is the best. And the people who run it are so nice. I'm not so fluent in Jamaican cuisine, except I love it, but they are more than willing to explain everything on the menu. The mac and cheese is of course a staple, but I love the chicken soup, Rasta pasta, and all of the patties. Next on my list is the veggie stew and probably the salt fish. Also, it's really colorful and bright in there and they are always playing music. Great vibes great food.

Marisa S.

I've only ever had Jamaican food at a good friends house growing up. And let me tell you ... The food here is like "grandmas cooking". It's like having a home cooked meal. It's a basic menu, rice and peas, meat and cabbage. Very simple, but why make it complex? The veggie patties are also to die for!! I'm very glad I stumbled upon this little place. I love the food!

Rebeca V.

This is a great place to drop in, get something good and tasty to eat for a casual meal. The menu is authentic, and the place provides a great and comfortable atmosphere with top-notch service. I love the lunch specials and a patty with a Jamaican soda is always a winning combination. I hope they still have the fish soup next time I go in because I'm dying to give that a try.

Daniel P


109 Main Street

Ossining, NY 10562



Mon-Thurs: 8:00am-8:00pm

Friday & Saturday: 8:00am-9:00pm

Student/Lunch Special Hours:

Mon-Fri 11:00am-4pm